Themes Relating to Concepts

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The films Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In delve into numerous themes relating to concepts discussed in your textbook and presented in supplemental videos. Both films include discussions concerning media representation, the social construction of masculinity and femininity, gender inequity, sexism, violence, rape, self-image, eating disorders, race, body image, media centralization, labeling, deviance, the sexualization of young girls, objectification of women’s bodies, and suicidal and homicidal violence, to name a few concepts.

After watching both films and reflecting on the course material presented:

1) Discuss the main points of both documentaries, paying keen attention to the aforementioned issues, and, its effects on the social expectations and lives of young girls, boys, men, and women.

2) Where relevant, relate the films to concepts discussed: in chapters 3- Socialization Chapter 4- Social Structure and Social Interaction Chapter 11 – Sex and Gender
Chapter 16 – Marriage and The Family
16 .

3) Finally, personally reflect on what the film meant to you and how the mass media has contributed to your notions of beauty, sexuality, and gender.

Also, note the following:

A well written essay will demonstrate mastery of concepts presented in the textbook, film, and relevance to sociological inquiry and your personal life.
Essays should be no shorter than 1000 words and typed in the standard 10-12 font double-spaced.
Essays must be written in a grammatically correct manner.
Essays must conform to APA format.
There is no need to use outside sources but whether or not you do, all sources consulted (paraphrased or not) must be cited according to APA standards and must include bibliographic references (including quoting or citing from the film).
Plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and result in an ungraded assignment (hence a “0” for that assignment).
Failure to meet the minimum page or word count requirement will also result in an ungraded assignment.

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Themes Relating to Concepts

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