After watching The Gold Rush, compare the content and style with modern comedy.

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After watching The Gold Rush, compare the content and style with modern comedy.

After watching The Gold Rush, compare the content and style with modern comedy. Focus on the physicality of the performers and the filmmaking and not on the fact that modern comedy relies upon speech. Are there physical comedians today that can compare to Chaplin? Do modern comedies have the same blend of comedy and romance? Do you feel the humor of the silent comedies holds up and why or why not?

Use specific vocabulary and concepts we learned to describe what you’re seeing and intended effect on the viewer.

Respond to at least one of your classmates.

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With the movie Gold rush, I compare the content and style to ones of modern-day films. I can conclude that when it comes to acting and film dramatics it is like those comedies we have in present days. The only difference I can see is that the content of what is considered comedy has changed and this is due to the society and its changes of what is considered humorous with which audience. Back in the days of Charlie Chaplin the range of humor and what was considered comedy in the views of the audience was different the fact that in those days there were people in society that thought people getting hurt in the name of humor was considered as funny along with off color remarks and statements. Compared to today’s society people are cautious on what they will consider comedy because of the fact as the majority of society is a bit more sensitive about other opinions. The physicality of comedians and performers and filmmaking is also has improved a lot only because of the fact the technology itself has evolved production of films and quality.

Some qualities in performers and comedy actors I see that have similarities with Charlie Chaplin are actors such as Jim Carey. They both posses the physicality when it comes to using their whole bodies to act and tell a story. In Ace Ventura movies I can see the physicality similarities with Mr. Chaplin. Jim Carey is expressive and moved well throughout his movies especially with his iconic Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls when he had the scene of calling animals with his behind. Or that scene when he draped an unconscious man over himself and continued to imitate someone who was wear a fur wrap. As For modern day comedies having the same sense of romance along with comedy I will say yes and no because of it’s context when it comes to movies since romance and the physical sense of public affection is a lot more open and more accepted then back in those days of Mr. Chaplin.

I honestly believe that the silent still has it charms because when it comes to comedies that include dialogue only people will remember more of their actions than dialogue. Not many people will remember a script lyric verbatim, but everyone will remember the scenes when physical humor is applied in an excessive way. For example, just like Jim Carrey most people who watched his comedies will be able to recall scenes that he had acted out on, those scenes of him being loud and eccentric to the scenes of him driving and since having a busted windshield he had to drive it with his head stuck out the window or when he punched out a man to prance around pretending he is a fur wrap is scenes I remember most and it is those scenes that made an impact on the humor of the film.

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After watching The Gold Rush, compare the content and style with modern comedy.

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