Anthropology Questions

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Answer FOUR of the following SIX questions in essay form. Questions number ONE and THREE must be answered by everyone.

  1. There is a particular way of looking and experiencing the world which anthropologists call, “the anthropological perspective”. What is this? Offer specific examples of how anthropologist interpret “things in the world” through this perspective. And how has your perspective of the world changed after being exposed to the Anthropological Perspective.
  2. We live in a world of symbols; from languages (words), to flags, to statues, to poetry, we experience the world in particular ways. What are complex symbolic representations and institutions? How are they related to human culture? Why are they important to human culture?
  3. There is a debate on whether or not humans possess “agency”. First, describe what is human agency. And then, reflect on the question: do humans possess agency? Discuss your reflection on these questions articulating your position on the matter.
  4. Ethnography is central to anthropology. What is ethnography? And, what is the “dialectic of fieldwork”—why is it important for ethnographic fieldwork?
  5. On the discussion of the ethics of engaging in anthropological research, the issue of colonialism and neo-colonialism is always present. Explain the relationship between colonial projects and the birth of anthropology. Think about the following questions: Do you agree with the statement that anthropology is one of the products of colonialism during the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries? Why or why not. Do you think the field of anthropology continues to practice forms of colonialism today? Provide examples if so.
  6. Describe the concept of hegemony and compare it to domination. Provide concrete examples.

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Anthropology Questions

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