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For my white paper the subject that I chose is very similar to my case study. Apple is a company that I have watched and study from an early age, for my white paper i will be writing about Apple Ecosystem and how Apple user are affected by using Apple products. I believe anyone who uses an Apple product become very dependent on such product. Take for instance the Apple AirPods everyone has one in arm reaches, Why? Apple make great products that affect the end user in many ways. I believe my target audience will be any current Apple users or any future Apple users. From my white paper the audience will be able to learn why they use Apple products and how such product affect their daily life. My concern about this white paper is that it can be applied to any other technology companies like Samsung, Tesla, Microsoft or Sony. I might have to not only focus on Apple but other Technology companies.

Here is where you will upload your rough draft for your white paper. As we’ve done before, there is no minimum requirement, only that you upload what you have. The more you have, the more I am able to review and help you improve.

Below is the prompt for your White Paper Final Draft:

White Paper

As we have discussed in these final weeks, a white paper is a writing format that attempts to solve a problem or address an underlying issue. These are often written to industries/industry professionals, researchers, government agencies, and, on occasion, academics.

This is a professional communication medium. This means that your audience and your goals are strictly professional. You are not writing simply for the pursuit of knowledge, but the pursuit of results. If your purpose in writing is merely to inform the general public about an issue, then you are not writing a white paper. You are writing an expose or op-ed.

Keep in mind, that your white paper is not going to propose a perfect solution that fixes everything. Be realistic about what this white paper can solve.

Below are the three (3) specific things I will look for in your white paper submission. I MUST see these things.

Identifies a problem or issue; be specific enough that this issue is, in fact, solvable. If you are writing about an issue that is too broad, your recommendation may be untenable. This is what we have worked on these last five weeks.
Proposes a useful, actionable solution that addresses the stated problem or issue. Make sure your solution is something that can be carried out; this may mean including steps, objectives, recommendations for how to implement the solution, etc.
Draw from a minimum of two (2) successful cases. There must be some data/research that supports your suggested solution. Research these examples and use them to support your argument.
Some stylistic and content recommendations that will prove helpful in your paper (these are only suggestions):

Don’t be afraid to steal from the white papers you’ve read; You may decide that there is a formatting or structure to the papers we’ve read that will be useful to you as well. That’s great. Steal it.
Don’t skip the “educating” part of the process; Remember: while your end goal is to suggest a solution, your first job is to educate your reader about the issue and the solution. If they understand all aspects of it, they can make an informed decision.
Write with exigence; white papers require a bit more style than case studies. You need to make the issue seem important, so that your proposal seems necessary.


Paper includes and expounds on a potential problem/issue, proposes a useful solution, draws from at least two (2) sources

1,000-1,200 words

Double spaced with professional formatting

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