Case study: Moral Development

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The youth league basketball season is half over. Joel wishes it were finished. For the past four years, he has been assistant coach for his son’s team and coordinates referees. His son’s team has a new head coach, Mick. He had a reputation for being a passionate coach who won tournaments.

Joel does not think that Mick is a good role model of sportsmanship, playing your best even after a loss or “bad” call by a referee. Mick does not accept “bad” calls. Every game he argues with referees until receiving a technical foul. Sometimes referees throw Mick out of the game. Some parents think this shows Mick cares. Other parents told Joel that Mick’s behavior is unsportsmanlike. This is not what they want their sons to learn from basketball. These parents have asked Joel to talk to Mick. Joel said he would think about it.

What should Joel do?

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Case study: Moral Development

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