choose a “deviant” or criminal person to focus on

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choose a “deviant” or criminal person to focus on
They may be fiction or nonfiction as long as you can provide a relevant, quality source of information about them.

  • Briefly summarize your Criminal Mind and explain why they are deviant.
  • Describe the transgressed norm(s), and state whether it is a formal or informal norm.
  • Did any sanction(s) occur, and what type?
    CONNECT: Using theories from Weeks 3 and 4 or reading 7.2…
  • Choose and define 2 theories that best apply to your scenario.
  • Analyze and explain how they connect to your Criminal Mind.
  • For top marks, consider strengths/weaknesses: what does your theory ignore?

REFLECT: Now, include your own perspectives on this Criminal Mind…

  • Did you have to confront any biases or judgments about this person or act?
  • Explain one way your example connects to your life, community, or a current event
  • Describe how your idea of deviance has grown from Week 1 until now.

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choose a “deviant” or criminal person to focus on

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