COMBATING DRUGS AND CRIME: Effectively combating transnational criminal organizations

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COMBATING DRUGS AND CRIME: Effectively combating transnational criminal organizations
The purpose of this assignment is to research a policy problem facing either our nation or the state of Oklahoma. You will describe the problem as it exists in 2023, tell me more about the problem’s history, discuss 3 distinct solutions to the problem, and close by telling me what you personally think should be done and why. Below are the specific components of the paper that are required as well as some pointers for doing your research and writing.

Choose a problem either America or the state of Oklahoma is facing that you think is important. My advice is to pick something you’re interested in or passionate about.
It is important to be specific when choosing your problem. For example, saying “American foreign policy” is a problem is much broader than pointing to a specific nation with which our relations might be problematic. Saying education is a problem in Oklahoma might be true, but a paper that focused on a specific element of education that is especially problematic would lead to a better end product.
Please do not write on the same topic you chose for the “Civil Rights Today” essay.
The paper should be 5 pages double-spaced. If you go over this amount, that is fine (but beware—exceeding the page limit often illustrates poor editing skills).
I am open to broad definitions of who might have solutions to the problem you’re writing about. It could be elected officials, think tanks, academics, leaders of interest groups, and so forth. It should be individuals or groups with knowledge and/or power to be involved in this issue though. Every solution must have someone (a person or group) advocating for it. The three solutions should come from 3 distinct entities (in other words, don’t tell me 2 ideas a single person has, for example).
In the section where I ask for your opinion, you can tell me your own potential solution or tell me which of the 3 expert solutions is best and why.
Please proofread carefully (spell check and grammar check in software programs won’t typically catch everything).
Research must be original to this class; in other words, don’t use material you’ve written for other papers in the past.
Late papers will lose 20 percent of the points possible for each 24-hour period following the due date.
Please cite your sources in the text clearly and regularly. I am open to whatever citation style you choose, so long as I have enough information to check on your sources if I so choose. Please include a Works Cited page as well. Papers that do not include a Works Cited page will lose the full 4 points in the “Miscellaneous” category of the rubric. Papers that do not cite sources will be returned ungraded with a request to be clearer about citation. Students will then have 96 hours (from the time I inform you of the problem) to fix citation issues without penalty. After that 96 hours, a lateness penalty would then start to accrue. The same system will be used for papers that excessively use material directly from sources without quoting or paraphrasing.
Partial credit is available.

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COMBATING DRUGS AND CRIME: Effectively combating transnational criminal organizations

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