Corporate social responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility
Your second assignment is to write a paper containing reflections on CSR and sustainable business.You should choose two companies (by your own choice) available on internet upon which you relate the pros and cons for sustainable business practice.

Your second assignment is to write a paper containing reflections on company CSR reporting and communication (Minimum 1 200 words and maximum amount of text is 1 500 words).

You must relate your reflections to at least two examples of Company CSR or Sustainability reporting and communication, which you have chosen yourself. You are expected to include valid references for the company reports using APA system and be prepared to send me the reviewed reports if required to do so. For the sake of comparison, it is advisable to choose companies from two different industries (and look for differences as well as similarities between them). Are the reports different in content, structure, ambition, different industries and contexts?

Please have these questions in mind when looking for and choosing reports. You are expected to discuss and answer specifically the following questions:

-What are the general characteristics of the company CSR in terms of content, structure and ambitions communication CSR and sustainable development?

-What interest groups (stakeholders) are specifically mentioned?

-What differences between the chosen companies work on CSR have you noticed?

Please elaborate on how course literature could help you to interpret, reflect and understand CSR in practice for sustainable business practice to take place and for sustainable development. Please, remember that it is very important that you refer to the course literature in your assignments (APA system must be used). It is also suggested that you choose companies and cases that is relevant for your assignment. You are expected to reflect on their communicated CSR work and discuss (argue for or against).

A focused, intense discussion is (as always) better than an overview with less engagement. For a higher grade you are expected to argue based on a thought through and theoretical standpoint. For a higher grade the readability and red thread in your assignment must be clear. Using appropriate referencing (APA-system) is required.

Recommended literature for assignment 2:
Borglund et al. Part 1: ch. 1,3,4 ; Part 2: (except. ch. 6 & 8) and Part 3 (except ch. 11&12) but this of course depends on the company/companies you choose for your analysis.

Minimum 1 200 words and maximum amount of text is 1 500 words.

PLEASE NOTE! The criterias for formalia regarding the assignments are specified in the course guidelines.

Assignment that do not fulfill standard formalities will not be graded.

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Corporate social responsibility

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