Course (TLMT 331 Fundamentals of Intermodal Transportation)

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Course (TLMT 331 Fundamentals of Intermodal Transportation)

Instructions for: Assignment 1: Case Study (Week 2)

We have read and reviewed Chapters 1 and 2.

  • Chapter 1 discussed the expansion of the European intermodal rail-road freight transport (EIT) under the European Union.
  • Chapter 2 explores the development of intermodal transportation in the United States.


In 2-3 pages maximum, discuss the impact (negative and positive) that regulation/deregulation has had on the growth and/or continued growth of intermodal transportation in both countries. Ensure you site specific examples in your paper. You are encouraged to use the internet and other sources to support your paper.

Submission Instructions: Please attach the assignment in Word Format. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

The PDFs Chapter 1-3 I am sending here is the citation!!


Konings, R., Priemus, H., & Nijkamp, P. (2008). The future of intermodal freight transport : Operations, design and policy. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

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Course (TLMT 331 Fundamentals of Intermodal Transportation)

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