Criminal Justice Agency

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Criminal Justice Agency
Write an essay for the following question. Follow the instructions below to get good credit for this assignment.

“Criminal justice agency leaders must recognize the importance of employee motivation and its impact on retention and performance. What major motivational issues do criminal justice agencies face to enhance employee retention and performance? Compare and contrast at least three theories that explain employee motivation and discuss how these theories can be applied to the criminal justice system.”

The following guidelines are provided:

5 to 7 pages in length, plus a title page and reference page (8-9 pages).
12-point font using Times New Roman.
1” margins, double spaced.
APA format.
A minimum of 5 scholarly sources (books, journal articles, book chapters, etc.,) must be used.
All sources must be properly listed and identified on a reference page in alphabetical order.
Using frequent and long direct quotations (more than two lines) will negatively affect the score of this assignment. I strongly suggest not using it unless it is necessary. When you use, however, you should appropriately give credit to the source used.

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Criminal Justice Agency

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