Crisis Response to Suicide Response: Using Electronic Health Records

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Crisis Response to Suicide Response: Using Electronic Health Records
I have attached my research topic selection to reference.
The ideological worldview under which one operates can take many forms. It may be a spiritual one that is informed by the Bible or it may be entirely secular in nature. Our response to crisis naturally follows the path of the lens through which we view the world. The Bible has a very different perspective than secular research literature when it comes to many areas that may constitute crises that a law enforcement officer may encounter. Examples include suicide, abortion, divorce, promiscuity, and homosexuality. Officers may be called to respond to any of these situations with individuals who may possess either a Biblical or secular worldview. The officer’s own worldview may inform their approach to managing the crisis as well. It is important that respondents are aware of ways in which their own worldview can influence their actions. Just as a researcher must “bracket” their own bias in order to conduct objective studies, police officers must be aware of how their own worldviews influence their crisis response. The primary purpose of this assignment is to help your potential crisis response by exploring areas where the Bible and secular literature are different. When you have a more complete understanding of this, you will avoid relying on a one-dimensional approach to managing a crisis.
Your Biblical Worldview Paper Assignment must be 2-3 pages. You may want to consider using the same topic for which you are completing the Research Paper Assignment. In the first page, you should introduce your topic and provide definitions for Biblical and secular worldviews respectively. For the second page, it is important that you make the distinction of where and how the secular literature differs with the Bible as it applies to your chosen topic. Expose the gaps or omissions in the literature regarding a Biblical worldview. Finally, offer a brief discussion of how this topic may impact law enforcement crisis intervention and finish with a conclusion under its own APA header. Ensure that you integrate appropriate scriipture and peer reviewed literature into your paper. Organize and format your paper according to the current APA style, using at least three properly formatted references. Acceptable sources for references include the textbook, the Bible, and peer reviewed journal articles such as the ones found in the Liberty University library.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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Crisis Response to Suicide Response: Using Electronic Health Records

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