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Cultural humility is a key feature of effective and ethical practice. To fully respond to another’s culture, we have to remember that we view it through our own cultural lens. Also, specific beliefs and practices of two cultures can conflict. This is often the case with the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and anti-ABA autistics and advocates. Part of adopting a culturally humble approach involves understanding your own cultural practices and listening and learning from cultures other than your own.

In this assignment, you will be required to:

Understand specific cultural practices of behavior analysts.
Listen and learn about the perspectives and cultural practices of anti-ABA autistics and advocates.
Approach a culture different than you own in a non-judgmental and non-critical manner.
This assignment is intended to help you:

Understand culture from a behavioral perspective.
Consider the importance of incorporating culture in a client’s/participant’s context through a culturally humble approach.
Identify the skills needed to adopt a culturally humble approach and strategies in which we can develop those skills.
In your assignment, include the following:

Describe culture from a behavioral perspective.
Discuss the importance of incorporating culture as a part of a client’s/participant’s context in applied practice and research.
Describe cultural humility and discuss the potential benefits of adopting culturally humble approaches to applied practice and research.
Discuss specific skills needed to adopt culturally humble approaches and specific ways we can develop and maintain those skills.
Provide at least two supporting examples of a culturally humble approach in action within the context of two groups of people in frequent conflict: (1) behavior analyst researchers and practitioners and (2) anti-ABA autistics and advocates.
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style guidelines. Review the Evidence and APA section of the Writing Center for more information on how to cite your sources.
Resources: 2–4 recent scholarly resources.
Length: 3–5 double-spaced pages, in addition to a title page and a references page.
SafeAssign: You are required to use SafeAssign before submitting the completed assignment to your instructor. Submit your work to SafeAssign as a draft, review the results, and make any needed changes. When you are ready, submit your assignment to the assignment area for grading.
Refer to the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Research Guide for help finding resources.

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