Defend Socrates argument that it was unwise to fear death

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Defend Socrates argument that it was unwise to fear death
Include your word count at the top or bottom of the essay
Use any standard citation format for any references you incorporate (references are not required)
In writing your essay, use the following instructions:
1) Choose to defend or rebut Socrates’ argument that it is unwise to fear death; as argued in Plato’s Apology

2) In your introductory paragraph, present a clear thesis statement in which you explicitly say what your position is that you will be defending then defend that position throughout the paper.

3) In the course of your paper, briefly explain the steps or context of the argument you are defending or rebutting. For example, why does Parmenides claim all change is an illusion? However, the bulk of your paper should be devoted to analysis rather than summary of the argument.

4) How you go about defending or rebutting the argument you choose to analyze is up to you. You could do a purely philosophical analysis where you provide commentary on the strengths or weaknesses of the argument. Alternatively, you could apply the argument to events in your life or current events more broadly and explain how it helps add clarity to such situations. You could do a combination of all of the above. Whatever you think does the best job of defending or rebutting the argument you are addressing, that’s what you should do.

5) In a paragraph or more, you must present the best possible counter-argument to your thesis. Why might a reasonable person disagree with the stance you take?

6) In a paragraph or more, explain why your thesis withstands this objection.

7) In your conclusion, wrap up and briefly summarize the steps you have taken to argue for your thesis.

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Defend Socrates argument that it was unwise to fear death

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