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Prompt Due THURSDAY 5/27 – APA format – 1 page – CON GROUP

This week you will debate with your peers, providing an opportunity to present opposing views, opinions, and research on a topic. Students will be divided up into two groups – Pro versus Con groups. The Pro group will be based on the first letter of their last name A-K and will be in favor of the prompt and the Con group will be based on the first letter of their last name L-Z and will post as opposed to the prompt.

Review the following article:

Langabeer, J. R., Lalani, K. H., Champagne-Langabeer, T., & Helton, J. R. (2018). Predicting financial distress in acute care hospitals (Links to an external site.). Hospital Topics, 96(3), 75–79.

The prompt is

“It is possible that typical profitability or cash flow ratios do not provide the big picture necessary to foresee declining financial health.” (Lleas, Lau, Kalam Azad, Hossain, Chowdhury, & Carmaker, 2020, section 7).

Taking your opposing or in favor view, initial posts should address the topic, what skills are needed to integrate and use analytic systems, the procedures needed to manage health information systems, what to seek for a positive return on investment (ROI), and what you learned from the article. Use competing facts, figures and assumptions.

Keep in mind that you’re expected to engage critically and not editorially (this is important to remember when we’re discussing “hot” or controversial topics).

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