Drug Smuggling White Paper

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Drug Smuggling White Paper
Specifics: You are the new Secretary of Homeland Security. You are drafting a Policy Document for the Biden Administration that explores Port Security past 2021. MTSA and S.A.F.E Port are key legislations; the Secure Freight Initiative is a process embraced by the world. What are YOU recommending be the next issue to address within this homeland security issue? Is the biggest issue Drug smuggling? Include and state the topic question.
The typical format for a White Paper is:

Define the issue
Analyze it
Summarize your findings and recommendations including Course of Actions.

Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.
Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.
Students will follow the current APA Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework.
Include/State an Introduction and Conclusion.

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Drug Smuggling White Paper

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