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Essay #2 Comparison contrast of two dystopian characteristics
Essay #2 is a comparison contrast essay in which you explore two or three dystopian characteristics as seen in our class texts. You might want to use the short stories we have discussed in class, others that we have not discussed yet but are uploaded to your weekly folders, The Handmaid’s Tale, any of the films I have chosen for you listed on your calendar.
We have named some of the characteristics:
Control over people and environment / limits / surveillance
Dehumanization / elimination of human emotions
Uniformity / loss of individuality / sameness
Loneliness vs. community
Technology / technological advancement used nefariously
Limited access to knowledge
Oppression and terror
Stratification of society / hierarchy / class divide
Mass poverty
Choose two or three of the following characteristics and two or three separate sources. For now, use the source I provided you with. Compare and/or contrast them. You might wat to only compare or only contrast or choose a combination of both.
Please make sure that:
this draft has an essay not an outline form
there is a thesis statement
it is clear whether you are comparing or contrasting, so use some appropriate transitions
the areas of comparison are clear
you have enough support and development
that you use some quotes
all the quotes are introduced, explained and connected to your arguments
all the quotes are in a proper format (MLA in-text citations)
you have works cited page (a separate page with all your sources listed alphabetically)

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