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Research papers consist of an introduction, background research, interview, and conclusion on a topic involving a notable figure in the history of jazz (Ella Fitzgerald).  The topic should be on an issue which had an impact on the society and culture of the time and place of this individual, and which continues to have relevance in the present day.  A quality research paper must also have a thesis (organizing argument) stating a proposition which will then be evaluated via the interview.  The paper should begin with an introduction describing the topic, why you chose it, and stating your specific thesis.  The middle of the paper will consist of background research on the music and culture pertaining to your chosen individual, and your (optional) interview.  The interview, should you choose to do one, should not be in a question and answer format but should rather be framed by your commentary, criticism, and analysis.  The paper should end with a conclusion that revisits the original thesis, highlights what you learned through your research about the connection between your subject and your topic, and how the experience has impacted or altered your views about jazz, culture, and the world around you. 

You must include a bibliography, showing that you used a variety of resources with at least 4 articles, books, and/or encyclopedias.  You may also find articles from jazz publications or other news publications online, but please avoid websites such as Wikipedia or any website that does not cite its sources or provide credentials to show that its authors are experts in their subject.

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Interview
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited

In your paper please italicize your own thoughts, words, and opinions throughout.  The conclusion should be mostly in your own words (italicized), and it should revisit the original thesis, highlight what you learned as a result of your research and interview, and describe in detail how the experience has affected your opinions or views of jazz and how it relates to the world around you.

This research paper should be 2,500 words minimum (not counting the bibliography), double spaced, in a common 12-point font.  Try to include musical examples to illustrate your points.  In addition to turning in installments before their due dates, extra credit will also be given for providing links to musical examples and a list of the examples you listened to in the course of your research (up to 5% of your grade).  Any discoveries of plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the paper.

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