Essential Questions: Module 7.

Essential Questions: Module 7.

Essential Questions: Module 7.


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Can you please answer each Discussion question approx. 1/2page each approx. 137.5 words Discussion 1 Part 1: Describe at least 4 key differences between men and women described by Helen Fisher. AND Part 2: What are some differences between male and female intimacy? Readings & Activities Fisher Chapter 10: Men and Women Are Like Two Feet: They Need Each Other to Get Ahead Gender Differences in Mind Associated Media: The Nature of Love link= Gender Differences in the Brain by Helen Fisher, Ph.D. (important video!) Discussion 2 Read the material in the links to the left and check out the great videos below. 1. Are there any differences between gay and straight love? Why or why not? What does the evidence suggest regarding the similarities and differences between sexual majority and minority love? AND 2. Given what you have read, why is it so common for many heterosexuals to discuss and understand homosexuality only as same sex behavior, rather than as a complex identity no different than a heterosexual identity, with the drive to love and be loved at its core? NOTE: If you self identify as gay/lesbian/bi, what has been your experience with love? Share only what you are comfortable sharing. Readings & Activities [gaystraight-relationships-different/ link= ] [ gay-relationships-can-be-more-stable-straight-ones link= ] [ link= ] Associated Media: iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay link = Homosexual Love link = Discussion 3 What is the difference between ″normal″ mood variation and clinically significant mood variations? Provide several examples. Readings Chapter 7 Discussion 4 Podcast Relationship Matters Podcast Number 55 “Sexualized, objectified, but not satisfied”: What are three key takeaways from this podcast? What is your experience/reaction?

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