Ethics of Care

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Answer each question you’ve chosen in its entirety in your own words on the basis of the texts we have covered and our class discussions. If you quote from the text, you will also need to explain what is being said, how you interpret it, etc. The goal should be to show your understanding of the ideas at play in your own words. Write as though you are explaining things to someone unfamiliar with the material. There is no specific length requirement per question, rather your responses will be assessed on the basis of how well and thoroughly you have addressed the questions. You may type into a copy of this document under each question if you please.

Discuss the issue of harassment with reference to the Ethics of Care. You should briefly discuss harassment law, the ethical issues around it, and how the Ethics of Care frame these issues as opposed to other ethical theories.

Discuss the difference between Shareholder and Stakeholder theories of business, with reference to issues concerning the environment.

Discuss Utilitarianism, an objection to the theory, and how a Utilitarian might respond to such an objection.

Discuss Kant’s Categorical Imperative and how he argues that lying is always immoral. How does this relate to his thought that it is immoral to treat a person as a means only?

Discuss the issue of sweatshops, the “classical liberal standard” and the “living wage standard”—how does Maitland argue in favor of “sweatshops”? Critically assess this argument.

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Ethics of Care

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