Euthyphro or Apology

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Euthyphro or Apology (pick one)
You have your choice of writing on the Euthyphro OR the Apology. Whichever topic
you choose, your paper is to be a minimum of 2 pages in length (roughly 640 words minimum–please note this is a minimum; try to have a bit more if you can) and is expected to use the dialogue directly and your own reasoning, as you respond to the prompts below. No outside sources are permitted. Here are the guidelines for each dialogue:

Euthyphro: Agree or disagree with any combination of the following statements regarding the Euthyphro. Use your views on the statements, Plato/Socrates’ views, and the dialogue itself to structure your paper.

  1. Socrates plays mind games. 2. Piety (consider as a synonym for ‘holiness’) has no universal essence. What is pious for one person would be impious to another. 3. Euthyphro is a bad person. 4. Because the dialogue does not define piety, Plato accomplished nothing in writing the Euthyphro. 5. Euthyphro would make a better roomate than Socrates.

Apology: Same format. Here are the statements: 1. Socrates was guilty of believing in new gods or no gods. 2. Socrates was guilty of making the worse appear the better cause. 3. Socrates wanted to die and thus did not defend himself as strongly as he might have. 4. Seeking wealth and physical comfort will corrupt the spirit. 5. Wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.

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Euthyphro or Apology

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