fingerprint detection

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fingerprint detection
You will complete a written five (5) page Research Assignment. You will submit a research paper that discusses a fingerprint detection method utilized as the PRIMARY evidentiary material in a court case. The paper should be double-spaced using a size 12 font.

This paper must reference two (2) scholarly journal sources and one (1) textbook source and properly cite those sources both in the body of the paper and on a separate “References” page. The “Title Page” and “References” page do not count towards the five-page stipulation. No more than 20% of quoted work is permitted for any of the writing assignments.

You will also complete a PowerPoint® presentation to accompany the report. The presentation will be delivered to the class via Zoom recordings for feedback. The research assignment is worth 10% of the final course grade.

Your research paper should reflect on a fingerprint case which will emphasize how fingerprint principles and theories are applicable in the criminal justice system.

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fingerprint detection

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