Fundamentals of Cyber Security

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Fundamentals of Cyber Security

Fall 2022

Short Report

“The Mum and Dad Scam”

Read and critically analyze the story at this link. Based on the knowledge you have gained in this course write a comprehensive report on the techniques that were used by the attacker. For each attack techniques you identify, explain why you think the attacker chose this technique – what makes the technique suitable in this scenario? Review the state-of-the-art literature on what measures could be taken to minimize the success of this type of attack in future.

Important points about your report

  • Submit your report as a PDF on Blackboard.
  • Provide citations for the literature you have reviewed.
  • Your answers should be formatted as follows:
    • Font Size: 11.
    • Line Spacing: 1.2.
    • Maximum page length: 8 pages
  • Insert your name and student identity number on the title page.
  • The report should be your own work. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence.

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Fundamentals of Cyber Security

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