Gender Roles in Society

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Gender Roles in Society
TOPIC: The topic of my paper is how family, friends and society influence the idea of what it means to be a boy or a girl, placing gender roles and expectations on children from a young age. Gender roles are human constructs that are restrictive. The thesis: Artist Shea Diamond and transgender activist, shares through her music, the feelings of being forced into a gender role that she does not accept and rejects the expectations. Her music displays much meaning and inspiration for others, such as her song “I am her”.

Required Paper Components:
I. Introduction and Thesis Statement.
 The introduction should:
o Identify the text(s) you chose to analyze including the title(s) and author(s).
o Provide a description/brief summary of the text(s) and why it was selected for analysis.
o End with your thesis statement—the claim you are making about the media under consideration.
II. Argument Claims & Supporting Evidence
 Following your thesis statement, the next 3-4 body paragraphs will each
contain at least one claim that supports your argument and incorporates
evidence from the text to substantiate your thesis.
o Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence
o Each body paragraph should contain analysis of the text: explain how the text
supports your argument. Include summaries, quotes, etc. to support your
III. Conclusion
 Conclude your paper by describing the text’s impact on social dynamics and societal
expectations of human sexuality. You can make more general claims about the text.

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Gender Roles in Society

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