General Business

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General Business
Write a paper with 12-pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins, 6 pages, and double spacing (not including references).

The paper will present case studies featuring 1-3 e-commerce businesses. The businesses are not required to be solely online, but they must have an e-commerce presence. The number of companies presented will depend on the content needed to meet the required length. In other words, if enough information is available, you can write one paper on one business.
Each case study should address the following topics in paragraph form:

  1. Who is/are the founder(s) of the business? When was the company launched?
  2. What products/services does the business offer?
  3. What problem(s) was the business created to solve for its customers? How is the customer base described? In other words, who are they (e.g., pet owners willing to pay premium prices for pet products; people who want to buy reusable water bottles to avoid the environmental effects of plastic bottle use)?
  4. How has the business been able to meet customer needs (or not)? What benefits do the business’s products/services offer customers to solve the problems they want to address (or why were the products/services not able to meet customer needs)?
  5. What obstacles or challenges did/does the business face to achieve success, and how can they be described (e.g., competitors; supply chain issues; operational/production costs; educating customers about how to use the product; scandals; recalls)?
  6. What other relevant/interesting information about the business (e.g., social responsibility efforts, IPOs, company culture, talent recruitment) influenced your choice for the subject of the paper?

You may use outside sources as long as you cite them.

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General Business

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