Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population-Specific Paper

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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population-Specific Paper
The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of health promotion and disease prevention as related to the role of the APRN while applying this information to a specific vulnerable population
This entire paper is about vulnerable population people with English as a second language/non-English speaking also known as Limited English proficiency (LEP) in the US.
The paper is to be six pages in length, not including the title page, attachments, and reference pages.
The paper will be divided into four sections.

  1. Section 1
    a. Introduction
    i. WHO’s definition of health
    ii. Applying the WHO’s definition of health to your vulnerable population.
    iii. The concept of vulnerable individuals and populations, in general and then related to your specific group.
    b. Historical Perspectives of Health
    c. Levels of Prevention – overview, brief
    i. Primordial
    ii. Primary
    iii. Secondary
    iv. Tertiary
    v. Quaternary
    d. The role of nursing, specifically APRNs, in health promotion and disease prevention, and advocacy
  2. Section 2
    a. Health disparities related to your vulnerable group
    b. Cultural competency as a provider
    c. Defining resilience and applying to the vulnerable, specifically to your group (Limited English proficiency (LEP) or non-English speaking
  3. Section 3
    Focus on your specific vulnerable population group
    a. Using Mechanic and Tanner’s 2005 article, is your vulnerable population a sinner or a victim and why?
  4. Mechanic, D., & Tanner, J. (2007). Vulnerable people, groups, and populations: societal view.
  5. Anton-Solanas I, Tambo-Lizalde E, Hamam-Alcober N, Vanceulebroeck V, Dehaes S, Kalkan I, et al. (2021) Nursing students’experience of learning cultural competence.
    Social justice related to your population
    a. Low literacy within your population and how this affects their health
    b. Evaluate your vulnerable population related to current Healthy People Initiative guidelines – what specifically relates to your group (Connect D and E)
    c. Discuss one primary health concern for your population and include the preventive guideline related to this concern and how you might motivate this group to make behavioral changes.
    d. Discuss what resources are available within your community for your specific population. How can community level plans/interventions influence individual and family health?
  6. Section 4
    a. The conclusion of your paper should bring all the information together.
    b. Discuss an approach for improving health literacy within the population non-English or Limited English population
    c. Discuss how, as an APRN can impact vulnerable individuals in your community. Home state is Massachusetts.
    d. Conclude with a summary of how we as a nation are doing with health promotion and disease prevention.

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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population-Specific Paper

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