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                                        Instructions :

What is the historical significance of An Imperial Eagle beaker or eagle glass, a popular drinking vessel from the 16th until the late 18th century in the Holy Roman Empire?

The topic of your paper will spring from the artifact you have chosen for your selfie. Take inspiration from the object you selected, and answer the following question: how does your object connect with one or more topics we learned about in the class (from weeks 6 and onward)? Once you choose your answer, you should back it up with quotations coming from at least three primary sources you have used in this class. Note that you can use any primary source from all the class material, such as the required readings indicated in the syllabus, my handouts, the primary sources found in your textbook, and Machiavelli’s The Prince, as long as they belong to the second half of the class, i.e, week 6 and onward. If you want a high grade, you should use original quotes. You are welcome to use outside sources, but you will not get credit for them –your grade will depend upon how well you engage with the primary sources assigned in this class. In addition, please note that your paper should be not only cogently and convincingly argued, but also well written –all papers will be graded for both form and content. If you need help with your writing, please ask your TA and she or he will direct you to one of the several resources available on campus to assist with writing.

Artifact: Beaker with the Arms of the Holy Roman Empire (Reichsadlerhumpen) – Unknown — Google Arts & Culture



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