History and science of Criminal identification

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History and science of Criminal identification
This assignment will require you to access a scholarly forensic science journal (there will be a few to choose from) for an article covering some aspect of friction ridge detail and a methodology of collecting such evidence. For example, if you were interested in the use of cyanoacrylate for revealing latent ridge detail, you would search the Journal of Forensic Science and type in “cyanoacrylate” and “latent ridge detail” and see what articles are available. Keep in mind these are mostly research studies so researchers might have been testing how cyanoacrylate works on certain surfaces. This journal article review will be worth 10% of the course grade. [LO #1, #2, #6, #7]. Please follow APA 7th edition for your writing submission.

There is a Journal Article Review example located in Doc Sharing for you to review.

Submit your Journal Review Article to the Assignment folder no later than Sunday at 11:59 PM EST/EDT (This Assignment folder is linked to Turnitin).

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History and science of Criminal identification

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