home confinement monitored by electronic services

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In corrections, home confinement monitored by electronic services, or “ankle monitors”, is feasible for both people in probation as well as many out on bond prior to their hearings. Due to the enhanced availability and low cost of electronic monitoring, this is seen as a benefit both to offenders as well as to the probation and courts/corrections industry. While there are costs to monitoring, the service of equipment, limitations to GPS technology, and contract requirements for 24 hour service, there are still net benefits.

Short paper instructions: After reviewing the chapter and these four attached links/articles, in essay question format answer the following questions – make sure to use and cite at least two of the articles and your text.

1.What advantages or disadvantages has newer technology brought to home confinement by using EM? How well does it work and are their some situations or places where it would not be good to use?

  1. Where can we use EM technology – for what kind of offenders and at what times in their court or punishment?
  2. Are their added cost and who should pay those?
  3. What is the benefit to probation and the courts/corrections?
  4. From an offender’s point of view – what are they allowed to do while on EM?
  5. What are the offender’s pros and cons when faced with a plea agreement that includes probation with EM?

Links to Articles (Use two as sources):


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home confinement monitored by electronic services

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