How emotions affect learning

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How emotions affect learning
A minimum of 8 sources must be referenced in your Research Paper. The Final Research Paper should be approximately 8-10 pages in length, not including the title page and reference pages. Papers must follow APA guidelines. Title Page

Needs title page and references and the following:

· Approximately 250 words – no longer;

· Doesn’t include any citations

· Clearly tells the reader what the paper is about


· Why did you select the topic? Why it is important?

· States the main purpose of the paper and includes the research question the paper will address?

· Tells the reader how the paper is organized


· How did you find the research articles and other information included in your paper?

· What descriiptors did you use when you conducted an internet/library search for articles,?

· What were the parameters of your searched (e.g., years, peer reviewed articles)?

Review of the Literature/Studies/Findings (report on what you found, not your opinions)

· This section is clearly organized and the studies are analyzed well and presented in a synthesized/integrated manner. That is, the paper avoids describing each study one by one, but rather ties the studies together to answer the research question.

Discussion of the Findings (this is the section you can include your own opinions about the topic

· Discusses the importance or implications of the main themes found in the review. This may include identifying similarities or differences among studies, and/or discussing contradictory results.

· What did you find the most interesting, useful, etc. from the studies/literature?

· Were you surprised by any of the findings?


· Provides a brief summary of the main ideas and findings

· Did the studies/literature raise any additional questions that you would like to explore more deeply? Put these under a subheading called Areas of future research.

· If you noticed limitations of the studies put these under a subheading called Limitations in this section.


· References are in correct APA format (all mentioned articles appears on the reference list, references are in alphabetical order, following the correct format for the type of source it is, includes either a DOI number or URL link for journal articles, is double spaced, uses a hanging indent). A minimum of 8 references were cited.

Writing Style

· Meets undergraduate level writing expectations regarding: mechanics, organization, grammar, spelling, sentence construction, transition sentences between paragraphs, appropriate use of headings.

· Adheres to 7th edition APA format guidelines and is 8-10 pages long not including title page or reference pages.

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How emotions affect learning

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