How to Retain and Develop Employees

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After a Hard Day’s Work at ACME

In this Module 3 Case, you have the opportunity to delve further into the talent management function and HR’s role in it. As you may recall from the video on talent management, performance management, learning and motivating, compensation, career development, and succession planning all are contributors to building a strong talent pool.

You will learn more about two employees who have been with ACME, Inc. for two years. Andy is working as a quality assurance specialist in the plant and Ismal is an IT robotics specialist. These employees are friends and often meet outside of work with a few other ACME employees, including Henry, a new employee recently hired as an HR Staffing Specialist.

Ismal caught some movement out of the corner of his eye. It was a video on the overhead TV screen:

Seven Dimensions (2021). 4 Essentials for Compassionate Leadership. Insights and Strategies: Workplace Skills.  10:49 minute video. Available in the Trident Online Library, Films on Demand. 

“Quiet….Listen to this,” pleaded Ismal. The table of acquaintances turned to the screen. “That’s it–I make good money at ACME, but lately I feel something is missing.”

“Something is missing? Ismal, you are lucky. Many things are missing for me, ever since I got my new manager…” said Andy.

“Yep, more than one thing for me too,” said Ismal, thinking about his own lousy boss.

Your Role: You are Henry, the HR staffing specialist. Henry wants to impress his HR boss and thought “what an opportunity….I’m going to prepare a detailed plan to save ACME from losing these and other ACME star employees as well.”

Case Assignment

Prepare a 3- to 4-page actionable strategy addressing HR’s role (ACME-wide) related to employee retention. Pull in as many good HR practices as possible that Henry could employ to help in employee performance, motivation, and retention. The strategic plan that you develop for Henry to use should cover recommended actions for the organization during the next 12 months.

In addition to the background readings, find at least two high-quality additional sources from the Trident Online Library and/or from web sources to augment your plan, such as, for example, academic or industry magazine/journal articles. 

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How to Retain and Develop Employees

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