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The HRD project paper is a two-part paper: Part 1 will be to design an HRD program in the three HRD areas of Figure 1.1, McLagan’s human resource wheel. To frame your program, your paper should begin by identifying the organization’s industry and its business strategy to frame the plan. It is not expected that you will develop the training/development materials nor implement the project, but will provide a thorough argument for the approach and activities included. In Part 2, you will document how you will evaluate your program using Kirkpatrick’s four-level taxonomy (Figure 7.1). These are also included on the last pages of this syllabus.
The paper will be prepared in Word and adhere to APA style and formatting. You will submit your paper (10-12 pages, not including cover, reference pages, or appendix) through the tool not later than the last day of Seminar 6.

The organization I plan to write my key assignment on is the needs assessment of the United States military. We as a people can all agree on the United States of America having the strongest military in the world, which has been proven in past wars and conflicts. We have Americans who have the sense of pride and honor in serving our great nation, protecting all against enemies foreign and domestic. We call on our young Men and Women to serve by putting others needs and wants over their own, which is why the United States military is all volunteer service. The military invests a substantial amount of time and money training and our nations brightest and bravest men and women within the first phase of their enlistment, however fails to retain members after the end of their service obligation. By conducting a needs assessment it will open doors, or opportunities for service members wanting to continue to serve, knowing their government considers them as being a true investment. The military is constantly competing with outside agencies that offer a better way of living for our young men and women; we are always competing. There are multiple ways this can be done, which will overall help with retaining bright, young, gifted men and women in our military. This same needs assessment can potentially go to our police officers as well.

There are multiple needs I uncovered within my organization, however one, being retention stands out the most to me. Retention in the military is at a major decline in the recent years due to many of the wants, and needs of the targeted young men and women. I sit down with service members of all ranks on a regular basis in an attempt to pinpoint why individuals are wanting to exit the military after serving their obligated time. I’ve received a multitude of reasons; lack of training, deployments, pay, and competing with outside agencies.
A good number of service members joined the military to serve their country which encompasses deploying to different countries. The opportunity to do so has declined due to the lack of funding and other underlying factors. To overcome that issue, specifically for the individuals in my unit I keep an open ear for upcoming deployments and opportunities for them to travel. I’ve also taken vested interest in providing opportunities for service members to train in different areas other than their military occupational specialty versus being stuck behind a desk which brings complacency.
Although, the benefits are decent in the military, some would beg to differ when it comes to the salary. With the inflation increasing around the country some service members struggle to make ends meet. For this reason, more are inclined to seek employment elsewhere for better pay and being able to provide for their families. A good number of service members use the training and schooling received in the military and take it to big name corporations making significantly more money.

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