Human Growth and development

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Human Growth and development
You need to be creative to write this paper, I leave it to your imagination. Required KPI Assignment: Biographical Human Development Paper.
Write a 5 to 7-page research paper in APA format that describes your lifespan development. Focus on influences that you believe impacted your life, both positive and negative. In this paper, you are to
(1) demonstrate your knowledge of human development by synthesizing and integrating theories of development and learning with events and influences in your life,
(2) specify a developmental issue/task for each life stage defined by the developmental theory you choose,
(3) develop a plan for the future of how you might expect to cope with future life stages.
(4) discuss how your life experiences inform how you will approach your work with future clients.
(5) Include a short wellness plan to help you prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.
Please cite at least 5 references. The references must be peer-reviewed journals or professional books. Please use APA style when formatting your paper.
Below are a few items to consider while writing your paper about each stage. Not all of the items below will apply to you.
a. What was happening in your family, your community?
b. How might these occurrences have affected your family members?
c. What prevailing socio-cultural factors impacted your family’s (and your own):
Identity development. Gender expectations. Sexual identity development. Trauma and abuse. Grief and loss. Family development. Addiction. Spiritual development. What changed as you and your family progressed through the various developmental stages? What theories pertain to specific developmental ages and unique cultural contexts? How will you use wellness to cope with the next stages in life?

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Human Growth and development

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