human services information technology industry

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Week 1 Assignment
Analysis: Final Portfolio Part 1
Portfolio Part 1: (Week 1)
Select a company, organization, or agency of your choice from the human services information technology industry. Perform an analysis of the company using the course learning outcomes as your outcomes for your company of choice. In a 2310- to 3300-word paper, provide your analysis of each of the outcomes below:
Perform a literature search to identify 8-12 scholarly sources that are 6 years old or newer that will support your culminating portfolio project.
Compile an annotated bibliography based on the selected 8-12 scholarly sources that were identified. Include this in your Week 3 submission, along with the following:
Address the following course learning Outcomes:
Company Ethics: Identify and explain the company’s ethics in regard to HSIT
Company Roles & Responsibilities: Identify and explain the company’s roles and responsibilities in regards to HSIT.
Paper Requirements:
Follow APA 6th edition
Be 2310-3300 words long (not including title page, abstract page, or references page).
Use 8-12 scholarly resources to support your analysis
Use Header-1s for each required content section listed above
Contain no grammar, spelling, or APA errors
Ensure the Turnitin Report score is 10% or less for original verification

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human services information technology industry

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