HUSS235 – Crisis Intervention

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HUSS235 – Crisis Intervention
Final Exam
This Assessment is worth 15% of your overall grade.
Due by the end of Week 7.5 at 11:59 pm, ET.
This week, you have the opportunity to prepare your responses to the essays for
submission next week. Prepare your responses in a Word document. You will then be
able to copy and paste them into the corresponding questions in the Final Exam
given in Week 7.5.
Answer the following essay questions in paragraph form, about 200 words each. Please
include in-text citations from at least one different resource in each question:
 A seven-year old boy was left home alone for several hours with no food or heat
while his mother was out at a bar drinking with her boyfriend. The boy tried
warming himself up by using the stove. In the process, a towel caught on fire and
the kitchen filled with smoke, causing the child to run to a neighbor for help. The
neighbor calls 911 and emergency services responds. When you meet with the
boy he tells you that his Mom leaves him home alone every Friday and Saturday
night so she can go out and drink.
As an Emergency Services Crisis Worker you need to identify what services are
needed to help the family immediately and long-term. What three agencies
would you involve in this case to help the family with their crisis? Justify your
choices by explaining what each of these agencies could offer to the family in an
effort to promote long-term change.
 Compare and contrast two of the current crisis intervention models currently in
 Why does a crisis worker need to have a thorough knowledge of the risk factors
that suicidal/homicidal clients might portray? In your response, list several of
the risk factors that are considered most serious in terms of the client’s
vulnerability to lethality.
 Summarize and construct an example demonstrating how crisis intervention
plays a role in the delivery of human services. Be sure to include at least three
characteristics of a crisis in your response.
 You are a crisis worker on a college campus. A female student has contacted you,
threatening to take her own life after finding her best friend and roommate being
intimate with her boyfriend. What skills would you possess to intervene with
this situation? How would these skills differ if the student made an actual
attempt to take her own life?

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HUSS235 – Crisis Intervention

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