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I/o psychology

The Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (2017) identified the following topics as some recent workplace trends that will affect businesses and influence the work of I/O Psychologists in upcoming years:

Increased Focus on Employee Health and Wellness – Organizations will be expected to respond to increased workplace stress by utilizing strategies to protect employee health and well-being. I/O psychologists can design stress management training, look for ways to enhance employee work–life balance, or improve safety.

Growing Importance of Diversity and Inclusion – Organizations will focus on how diversity and inclusion affect organizational outcomes. I/O psychologists can develop diversity training/programs and study the benefits/challenges of creating an environment of inclusion.

The Changing Nature of Performance Management — Organizations have faced issues with traditional performance management systems proving ineffective or negatively influencing culture. I/O psychologists can work to identify new formal and informal strategies to manage performance throughout the employee lifecycle.

Your task is to select one of these three workplace trends and determine how research from another field of psychology (i.e., cognitive, health, social, personality, and neuropsychology) can be used to inform I/O psychology’s research and practice related to this trend. In your paper, you must:

Summarize your chosen workplace trend and how it relates to I/O psychology research and practice. Cite one scholarly article on a topic related to this trend.

Describe your selected field of psychology (i.e., cognitive, health, social, personality, and neuropsychology).

Explain how research, theory, or principles from your selected field can be used to help I/O psychologists understand your chosen workplace trend. Specifically, address how information from this other field can be used to inform I/O psychology’s research and practice related to this trend. Cite one scholarly article describing the research, theory, or principles you will apply from your selected field.  

Summarize the benefits and drawbacks of applying research and theory from outside I/O psychology to understand your selected workplace trend.

For more information on these trends, see the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology’s (2017) article located in your resources for Week 6. For more information regarding fields of psychology related to I/O psychology, see the articles located in your resources for Week 6.

Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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