Imagined Conversations: Women Past And Feminist Presence

Imagined Conversations: Women Past And Feminist Presence

Imagined Conversations: Women Past And Feminist Presence


Imagined Conversations Assignment – Sample Papers

Click link to open resource.

Word limit is 1500 words (not including references or footnotes, if used)


follow all the instruction carefully

very good quality , at least 85% grade assured plz.

due date:

march 29th


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©P sy

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oic es

, 2 01


Psychology’s Feminist Voices Scavenger Hunt: Women Past

Discover the answers to these questions using the Women Past section of the Psychology’s Feminist Voices website ( This assignment will familiarize you with the website and the women of psychology’s past.

• On whose profile is there a photograph of that individual climbing a tree?

• Who described her recruitment of subjects in one of her studies as follows: “I located

subjects by driving around looking for diapers drying on clotheslines”?

• Who challenged the dominant notion of the 1930s that psychoanalysts required a medical


• What Russian-born psychologist became a psychological evaluator of men deemed suitable

for intelligence (spy) work during WWII in the United States?

• What developmental psychologist is best known for her work on the Berkeley Growth

Study, and for demonstrating that over the course of a child’s development, height is most

closely correlated with head circumference?

• Which psychologist’s first name differs from that of her husband by only one letter?

• Who was the first woman to become a member of the Gesellschaft für die experimentelle

Psychologie (the German Society for Experimental Psychology)?

• Who was the first female psychologist to have a United States postage stamp issued in her


• Which early psychologist published observations of her niece’s development?


©P sy

ch olo

gy ’s

Fe mi

nis t V

oic es

, 2 01


• Who developed the concept of “womb envy” as an alternative to the Freudian concept of

penis envy?

• Who was the first woman to lead the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society?

• Who collaborated with E. G. Boring on three studies of the status of women in American


• Who was the first African American psychologist to be licensed in Virginia?

• Who was the first female president of the Canadian Psychological Association?

• Which psychologist’s scientific work (conducted with her husband) on black children’s self-

perception influenced the Supreme Court’s decision in the 1954 Brown versus Board of

Education of Topeka Case?

• Which psychologist is best known for the “visual cliff” experiment?

• Who was the first woman in the United States to head a psychology department at a state


• Which psychologists wrote about cultural bias in testing children in Yucatan, Mexico such

as the Minnesota Preschool Tests with Mayan children in 1939?

• Which psychologist was prevented from attending prominent social psychologist William

McDougall’s seminars at Harvard on the grounds that she was a woman?

• Which psychologist was named the most prominent living woman in psychology in the

English-speaking world and was elected president of the American Psychological

Association in 1972?

©P sy

ch olo

gy ’s

Fe mi

nis t V

oic es

, 2 01


• Which educational psychologist was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize three times?

• Which Stanford psychologist was a devout Quaker?

• Which psychologist published a dissertation on eminent women under James McKeen

Cattell and Robert S. Woodworth?

• Which psychologist married her fellow graduate student with whom she would later share a

professional relationship writing about reproduction and the influence of hormones on


• Which psychologist’s research on level of aspiration led to her studies becoming known

classics in the field?

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