Ineffective verbal and/or nonverbal communication

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ineffective verbal and/or nonverbal communication
Using concepts learned in Module 2, write a 2-3 page paper in which you analyze your ineffective verbal and/or nonverbal communication in a recent serious and/or meaningful conversation with another person (ex. coworker, parent, significant other, friend). Discuss the context and conversation in detail. What happened before the conversation or situation? What happened afterward? What was your intention and what was the result?. You should draw from course content regarding interpersonal communication to explain the situation. Your paper should be submitted via the link provided and divided into the following paragraphs:

INTRODUCTION – Briefly describe the context and the situation. Who were the people involved? What happened before and after the interaction?
PART 1 – Critical Thinking

What type of verbal or nonverbal communication did you engage in?
Why did you communicate the way that you did?
What have your past experiences been with our without the other people involved (ex. Has this happened before? If so, with who? The same people or different?)
Where did their reaction stem from? How do you know this?
PART 2 – Personal Responsibility

Identify your core beliefs and provide supporting details to explain how they connect to your methods of communicating (verbal and nonverbal communication).
Give disconnections to your forms of communicating with others (verbal and nonverbal did not match). Has there been a time when someone has used a different method than what you are used to?
What parts of your verbal and nonverbal communication have been developed by you and What parts were developed by others (where did you learn how to communicate that way. Ex. I learned how to be sarcastic because of my older brother)? How so?
PART 3 – Knowledge Gained
What could you have done differently to make the communication more effective, but in this context and in future? How could your verbal and nonverbal communication been better understood or more clearly communicated?
How could or how has that situation affect the relationship with the people involved?
CONCLUSION – Restate your thesis and provide a brief recap of your paper.

Paper should be in MLA or APA format including a cover page and reference page
Should be written in 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, and 1 inch margins
Ideas explained should be relevant and consistent to illustrate understanding
Free of grammatical errors
Minimum of 3 sources (course resources count as sources)

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Ineffective verbal and/or nonverbal communication

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