Information Systems

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100 word minimum response and 2 sources for EACH question. APA format

  1. Describe how business uses information systems and provide some examples for each
    information system.”
  2. A systems analyst needs a variety of technical, business, and people skills. Identify
    academic courses that systems analysts should have that would help them in their
    future professional careers. Specially, what courses would help systems analysts with
    their problem solving skills?
  3. 3. Many students today do not fully appreciate what it was like before automated
    information systems. Discuss some current systems to explore what the problems were
    before they were implemented. Discuss about what a current system could do and then
    talk about what it was like in the “old days.” The following list of systems could be
    considered for this discussion and it would let students know if the problems are
    solved or not.
    Telephone system
    Buying a car
    Payroll system
    Savings accounts
    Stock trades
    Applying for a mortgage loan
    Checking out a book from the library
    Buying a book
    Paying taxes
    Student course enrollment system
    University course scheduling system

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Information Systems

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