Interview Across the Ages

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Interview Across the Ages

Interview Across the Ages

Long Beach City College


Interview Across the Ages

You will conduct a series of six interviews with one person from each of the following age categories: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. You can interview them over the phone or by email. After the interviews are complete, answer the Student Questions below. Turn in your interview notes, your Student Questions responses, and the rubric. Again, the Student Questions component is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this assignment. Interview Across the Ages


Please ask the interviewees the following questions and document their answers:

1. What has been the most important event(s) in your own life? Why?

2. What historical event do you think is most memorable to people in your generation? Why?

3. If asked, what advice would you give to a teenager? Why?

4. What would you say is your favorite song or movie from when you were a teenager? Why?

5. What single word would you use to describe your generation?

Make sure to thank them for their time. 😊

Student Questions

After all your interviews are complete, answer the following questions and include one cited text reference for each question. You must connect the information you received from your interview subjects and text and course materials. Papers must be typed and formatted by numbering each response to the corresponding question. You do not need to re-type the question. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this assignment. Make sure that you “show it that you know it.”

1. What type of events were described as most memorable? Why do you think these stand out as important times in a person’s lifetime?

2. How do historical events influence a cohort? Explain how different cohorts that experience the same event might view it similarly or differently. Explain how question number four in the survey relates to question number two. Give examples.

3. Analyze the answers given for number three. Do you think their responses comes from experience? If so, is it from a place of success, regret, or simply time and reflection? Explain your answer.

4. Analyze the collection of words given in question 5. How do the answers vary from the younger generations to the older generations? To what do you attribute their assessment of their generation (i.e. – historical events, society changes, introduction of new inventions, etc.)

Long Beach City College

CDECE 47 Human Development

Interview Across the Ages Rubric

Grading Rubric

Response…Exceeds expectationsMeets expectationsApproaches expectationsDoes not meet expectations
 5 points4 points2 points0 points
Format*Standard formatting as described below*Less than 5 grammatical errors *Standard formatting as described below*Less than 10 grammatical errors *Some aspects of standard formatting are present but not all*more than 10 grammatical errors but they do not detract from understanding the content.*Standard formatting is missing*Numerous grammar errors make the content difficult to understand 
 20-17 points16-14 points13-11 points10-0 points
Content*All of the assigned prompts are addressed, clearly in separate numbered sections* A variety of details and examples are used to clarify and to provide meaningful information that addresses each prompt.*Demonstrates student’s comprehensive understanding of the interview, textbook readings, and class content*All of the assigned prompts are addressed, clearly in separate numbered sections* Some brief details and examples are used.*Demonstrates student’s reflection on interview, textbook readings, and class content*some of the assigned prompts are present but hard to distinguish which question is being answered.* Very few details and/or examples are used.*The content is not presented as assigned and/or does not have enough accurate information to be considered complete.
 5 points4points2points0 points
Text references* Each question has a text references and its used in a meaningful and accurate way.*All directly quoted material is put in quotation marks and cited.*References are used to back up statements and ideas presented by student.* One text reference is present in two-three questions and it’s used in a meaningful and accurate way.*All directly quoted material is put in quotation marks and cited. *One text reference is used in one question.*Student provides reference as the answer question with little or no original thoughts.*References are not used in a meaningful or accurate way. *No references

Standard Formatting: Typed, 11 or 12-point font, number question responses (you do not need to type out the questions), neat, all papers are stapled together with rubric.

Total Points…………………………………..________/30

Student’s Name _____________________________________________________

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Interview Across the Ages

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