Jazz scene

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Jazz scene
This paper is to be about the current Jazz scene or artist/group, you need to document Jazz music that is going on NOW, within the last 5 years. Your paper can discuss important background issues to support your ideas, but your subject is an International Jazz artist or Jazz scene that is currently active.

Write a 1000 word paper (this is the body of the paper, not including the discography and references, etc..)
NOTE: word count is the least important part of the grading of this paper. Any paper that covers all of the requirements will be at least 1000 words, this is just a suggestion so that you don’t feel like you have to write a LONG paper. The content, quality of writing, inclusion of required information and following the writing style guidelines are the most important part of this paper. The paper should be well written, following general rules and formatting for a Research Paper in MLA or APA format.

Research your topic well. It is important that you find lots of good information to base your paper on.
Find and listen to musical examples of the artist(s)/group(s) you are writing about. If you are writing about a jazz “scene”, find and listen to some of the important artists from that scene. Find reviews of their music, and include your own descriiption of what you hear in the music. Include a selected discography as part of your reference citations.
If you are writing about an artist/group, Include a general descriiption of the artist/group, what they are known for and other relevant projects/recordings they have produced. Include a selected discography as part of your reference citations.
A discography is a list of important recordings by the artist or group. (You can find examples of discographies online.) You need to include the artist/group name, title of the recording, record label (company), year it was released, and important personnel on the recording.
Include information about the recordings you write about:
Date released
Record label
Musicians on the recording
How readers can find this music (purchase, listen, etc)

Basic format:

Opening Paragraph (Thesis)

 – describes the content of the paper and the points to be made.

Inside Paragraphs

 – discuss each topic presented in the Opening Paragraph (Thesis)


Research References

 – citations need to be in MLA or APA format 


  - A discography is similar to a bibliography, the only difference being that it comprises a list of audio or sound recordings that you have cited in your paper. Sound recordings come in a variety of formats such as LP, cassette, CD, MP3, and even audio recordings streamed from the Web. If you refer to sound recordings in your paper, you will need to create a separate section on a new page entitled "Discography."  A “Selected Discography” includes important recordings by the artist or group you are writing about.

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Jazz scene

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