John Wayne Gacy

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John Wayne Gacy
It is time for you to try out for Criminal Minds and analyze a real-life offender. For your assignment choose a real-life offender and write a paper answering the questions below in which you will present an analysis on why the offender engaged in crime according to a theoretical perspective. Your paper should include material from the textbook but also must include at least four peer-reviewed sources. Paper must be a minimum of six and no more than seven full pages double-spaced not including the title or citation pages. Must use APA for citation.

All the questions/prompts below must be answered in the analysis
Provide a brief summary on the crimes of the criminal.
In the second part of the textbook the chapters go over different categories of crime. Which category does your offender fit into and why? Do not be vague. – John Wayne Gacy fits into violent crime. He was a thrill killer serial rapist. Write about this.
Which one of the criminological theories you have learned about possibly explains the behavior of your chosen offender and why? Think of behavior as to why or how that person came to be a criminal. Breakdown the theory and apply it to the offender you are analyzing.
What is one policy implication from the theory that you applied to your offender in which you believe could have acted as a preventative measure to their engagement in criminal behavior?
APA requirements
Ex. The purpose of this paper is to ….
Do not use long quotes.
Break up paragraphs so that one paragraph does not go one for a whole page.
*Be sure to cite authors in your paragraphs. Ex. In conclusion, this paper presented…. No Abstract is required for this paper, a Title Page is required. Paper must be typed & numbered. Paper must be 8 pages in length. Paper should adhere to A.P.A format. Do not use secondary citations (i.e., a citation that was in one of your readings, but you never actually read the original research). Do not cite by summarizing one reading, then another, then another, etc. Instead, you need to integrate the citations into your essay. This is a scholarly paper. Avoid using “I” (or other pronouns). The paper must include a title. The paper must include an introduction paragraph that should grab the reader’s attention and state the thesis of the paper. The paper must include supporting paragraphs. The paper must include a conclusion paragraph. Sources MUST be peer reviewed ONLY.*

The book used in this class is Siegel, L. (2018). Criminology: The Core. (7th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning

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John Wayne Gacy

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