Laws and policies related to family issues

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Laws and policies related to family issues
Write a 2 page paper and Summarize parental differential treatment/favoritism and introduce the laws and policies that relate, if any. You may discuss this in relation to negative outcomes such as low academic performance, interpersonal relationships, or low self esteem. For example, if an adolescent is experiencing issues that can result in negative outcomes as a result of the treatment and they don’t want it discussed in front of their parents how does a policy like FERPA protect their rights. Also, minor confidentiality with a therapist for mental health, etc
Explain how the laws and policies have a positive or negative impact on the issue.
Describe the perspectives of some of the public-side stakeholders, and then explain how these perspectives have influenced—or could influence—the laws and policies related to parental differential treatment/favoritism
Identify any concerns you have with the laws and policies you found in your searches. These may include biases, financial issues, logistical complications, or the ways in which the law or policy impacts families.
Describe how laws and policies about family issues can impact your work as a human services professional and leader.

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Laws and policies related to family issues

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