Leadership Exercise Part 2

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Leadership Exercise Part 2

The leadership exercise activity is based on the physical characteristics and resources of a real facility located in New York City. The exercise   focuses on an operational and planning scenario and includes the development of an Exercise Report also known as an After-Action Report (AAR). Links and materials, including the required report template, are provided to complete this assignment (below).


  • ExerciseSlides.pdf
  • HurricaneChesterExerciseInstructionsv1.2.pdf
  • HurricaneChesterExerciseReportTemplatev1.1.docx
  • ParticipantsGuide.pdf

Note: Since the AAR is completed utilizing a template, compliance with the most recent UMGC approved APA format is only required for in-text citations and references.

The AAR is created by incorporating targeted leadership knowledge development, self-assessment assignments, and homeland security or public safety leadership analysis with your observations from the leadership exercise. The AAR represents a personal understanding and plan of public safety leadership based on the course research, lecture content, conferences, reports, the leadership exercise, and your leadership performance. The completed AAR correlates with professional homeland security and public safety leadership best practices, resulting in a tangible product that can become a base for future leadership development.

The AAR will be developed using the provided template and structured to cover all the following topics:

  • Presentation and discussion of academic and anecdotal resource materials
  • Deconstruction of current homeland security or public safety leadership
  • Identification of acceptable and effective professional homeland security or public safety leadership principles
  • Collation of data from personal leadership self-assessment assignments and Personal Leadership History Report
  • Comparison and contrast of self-assessment data, to include applicability, with best practices and identified leadership principles
  • Presentation and discussion of future personal leadership development and opportunity

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Leadership Exercise Part 2

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