Lesson 10: Income inequality

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Lesson 10: Income inequality
What is the difference between income and wealth? Using lesson materials, explain. Also, write about the growing wealth and income disparity in America. What has changed over the last several decades? What are some of the driving causes of this change?

• Today, most economic conservatives are modernists. Further, modernism’s individualism and (often) internalism affects views about this topic, as does our capitalistic system and cultural narratives (such as the notion that anyone who really tries can succeed economically).
Economic conservatives usually side with the Republican party. However, modernists who are concerned about social justice and inequality may well side with the Democratic party on this issue instead. Nonetheless, the Democratic party at the national level has for several decades joined with the Republican party to continually allow the growth of corporate monopolies and unfair lending practices that continue to increase income and wealth inequality in the U.S.
Using this and previous lessons, explain and elaborate on these points and, where applicable, give examples from the lessons that illustrate the points you are making. Consider worldview tenets as well as left-right political axes and use these to analyze views and policy actions concerning income inequality.

• What role does effective propaganda and mis- or disinformation play in Americans’ views about income inequality and/or the people and policies that affect it? Give some examples and discuss your own views about these matters.

750-850 words
Write the paper in your own words. Paraphrase rather than use quotes. I will, in fact, count off for long quotes. Using your own words shows me that you understand what you have read.

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Lesson 10: Income inequality

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