Look Ahead: Lot in Life Assignment

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Look Ahead: Lot in Life Assignment
9. You are 38 and have decided to get a college degree in psychology. You have not been in school
since high school, which you hated. You recently divorced your abusive husband, and lack
confidence because of the abuse. You still have flashbacks and nightmares. You want to change
your life, but you have not worked for several years, and do not have a strong resume. The
domestic violence shelter advocate encourages you to contact a local college and helps you to
enroll. You take two classes and earn A’s in both classes. Both professors encourage you to
continue your education, but you feel lost and do not know what to do next. You have been
staying with a friend, but know that you cannot continue to stay there, so you need to find a job,
and an apartment.

You will identify, define, and describe your challenge. For example, you have tried to get pregnant, finally do, and then have a series of miscarriages.

You must analyze your “Lot in Life” from a human development perspective — what do scholars and/or researchers have to say about your challenge?

Identify what stage of life the person would tentatively be in, to encounter the problem?

Analyze the impact on at least two of the following: biological, cognitive and social-emotional development as a result of the challenge?

Locate one peer reviewed research article on the topic of your challenge. Include a summary of the article’s content. This should include the:

Research Question




Note: Cite all information you borrow from the book and other sources. Use APA style. Reference the APA Learning UnitLinks to an external site. for additional information.

Your paper should be 1000 words.

Part 1 and Part 2—Written Assignment Requirements
Your written assignment should use or include:

APA Style

Times New Roman — 12-point font

A Title Page with the title “My Lot in Life: A Human Development Perspective”

Identify your Life in Life scenario: HUS3020 Lot in Life Scenarios.pdf Download HUS3020 Lot in Life Scenarios.pdf

An introduction

Headings and sub-headings

Include page numbers

Use in-text citations

Include a reference page

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Look Ahead: Lot in Life Assignment

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