Nursing Theory

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Nursing Theory
Search the literature, and select a quantitative research study of your choice. Be sure that the study includes a Nursing theoretical or conceptual framework. Please attach a copy of the article. Write a 2- to 3-page paper, using the Rubric for Theoretical and Scientific Analysis. Some of the points to be included are the following:

Describe and summarize the purpose, type of study design, findings, and implications for nursing practice (application of the scientific evidence).
Explain the theory that guided the study. How does the theory relate to the study?
Explain how the theory could guide the research by analyzing the theory using Alligood’s five criteria for analysis of theory (Chapter 5, Box 5.2): clarity, simplicity, generality, accessibility, and importance.
Discuss how different types of evidence may evolve from the research methodology used, and how it can be used to influence practice.
In addition, isolate and describe one empirical concept within the selected study to investigate the methodologies used to examine this concept. Check the research questions, hypotheses, or purpose statement to find the major study concepts. For example, in a study examining pain and therapeutic touch, the major concepts would be pain and therapeutic touch. In addition to conceptual definitions, these concepts should have operational definitions (may be in methodology). Pain might use a visual analog scale (VAS) in order to provide quantitative measurement to a subjective concept.
How is the evidence that emerges from the study explained through the theory? If this is not discussed in the study, describe how you think the theory does or does not support the research study.

Include: intro that states the paper’s purpose, conclusion that summarizes, at least 6 scholarly references within the last 5 years, APA 7th edition

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Nursing Theory

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