NYC Draft Riots

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1- Read Chapter 14 of The American Yawp
2- Review notes from earlier lectures on Slavery and Sectionalism, the Market Revolution (especially immigration material), and Antislavery and Abolitionism
3- Read the Civil War Timeline and Introduction to the NYC Draft Riots attached above. (Font in red on the timeline indicates particularly relevant events)
4- Read the Primary Sources packet attached above. (a couple more will be added labeled “addendum primary sources”)
5- Answer the following question in an essay of 1450-1550 words: The Conscription Act of 1863 (also known as the Enrollment Act of1863 and the Civil War Military Draft Act) was the immediate cause of the violence that broke out in New York City in 1863. Based on your reading, interpretation, and analysis of the primary sources below, what do understand to be the underlying causes of the NYC Draft Riots and which of those underlying causes do you believe to be the most significant?
6- Your essay must include the following:
* An introduction that places the NYC draft riots into historical context (two years into the Civil War)
*Explanation of the underlying causes of the riots and an argument for the most significant cause.
*Evidence from at least five primary sources supporting your argument incorporated into your essay (quoted or paraphrased material).
*Acknowledgment of possible counterarguments) for the most significant cause of the riots.

1- Please no plagiarism if anything happened like that i will get 0
2- Historical context

  • civil war
  • nyc
    3 Argument
  • evidence
  • counterarguments
    4 Use at least 5 of the

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NYC Draft Riots

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