Paper on water irrigation.

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TOPIC: Prolonged Droughts depleting groundwater

Maximizing the equilibrium of the aquifer, as well as improving them to be more beneficial.

 Create a policy for the Governor of California When asked about your paper, you should be able to defend your paper and your recommended policy.


 a. Background

 b. History of the Issue

The purpose of the assignment is to develop an opinion on a water issue in California from which you could develop a policy to address the issue. You will synthesize concepts that you learned in class to help decide which could be adopted by the State government. For your paper, assume that you have been asked by the Governor to serve as an expert for one of the following topics, charged with creating a recommended water policy that addresses the issue.


Specifically, your assignment is to write an essay of at least 1,500 words and no more than 2,200 words (6-8 double-spaced pages, not counting the Reference List) with the title A Current Issue in California’s Water Future. A subtitle shall detail the issue you selected. Organize the report according to the following outline. You must use these specific section and sub-section headings.

You will use this format because it provides the information in a concise manner for the people who will ultimately enact the policy.

A Current Issue in California’s Water Future

Introduce your topic. What is the problem you are addressing? Include a sentence that says: “The general problem is…” and “The specific problem is…”

Provide an overview of the issue. Include important dates and basic information about the people/groups involved. In other words, how did this issue become important to the


Explain why this issue is important to people in California. Talk about the history of the issue. Include a sentence that says: “This problem is important because…”


Introduce your current issue. How or why has the issue evolved to where it is today?

This should explain the purpose of your paper.

 a. The Players

Outline who the key players in your topic/issue are and what their positions are. Who is driving the debate? Include a sentence that says: “The key players associated with this problem are…” Then outline the side of the issue for each player. Also, what solutions are currently being offered to find a balance between the players? At what cost?

 b. The Impacts of the Issue

How does this topic affect the environment, the agricultural community, and/or urban users? Include a sentence that says: “This problem impacts…”

For example, does one group benefit from the problem while the others suffer? If there is a solution already in play, how does it affect each group? How are the groups currently dealing with the issue?


Introduce your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree with one of the current players already involved in the topic? Explain your position. Try to place yourself in the position of a policy maker for the entire state and its citizens.

 a. Recommended Policy and Probable Outcome

If you were in a policy-making position, what would you recommend? Explain the policy that you would implement and the probable outcome of your policy as it relates to your topic. Include a sentence that says: “My recommended policy is…” and a sentence that says: “The likely outcome of my recommendation is…”

For example, are there circumstances that are particularly favorable to your issue? If so, explain. Explain who might benefit the most. If a solution is already being implemented, are there situations where the current solution just doesn’t make good sense? Are changes likely to occur to the solutions based on your new policy? If so, when?

 b. Probable Contribution to the Future of California’s Water

Explain what you think the role of your recommended policy might be in California’s water future. Include a sentence that says: “My recommended policy (could, may, will have XYZ effect or contribution)…” and another sentence that says: “The implementation of this policy should be paid for by…”

For example, if the policy or solution to your issue is implemented, how much water will it supply and for whom/what? Explain how your policy will impact the state’s overall water budget. Explain how your policy is going to be paid for and by whom. Should tax incentives or other government subsidies be established to encourage support for your policy? If your issue benefits the entire state’s water budget, should everyone help pay


In a nutshell, why should the Governor enact your policy? How would you rate the current proposed policies/solutions against your own policy? Recap who will benefit and who will pay? Upon what considerations do you base your positions or policies?

How would you draw the balance required by the Public Trust Doctrine?


• Each of Sections 1, 2, and 3 should receive about equal weight in your paper (they will each receive about equal weight in the grading). In other words, don’t over-write on background and history, and only give a short opinion in your personal evaluation.

• Section 3 is your personal evaluation based on what you have learned. Be logical and rational, and remember, as a policymaker, you are trying to determine what is in the best interests of the state or local government.

• Note: You will be submitting your papers electronically. Please make sure that you have it posted before the deadline.

You will then complete the peer review assignment for another student.

Document the sources you have used. List all references used to develop your paper.

Your paper must be in APA format. Include books, magazine or newspaper articles, websites or other information sources. For websites, give the complete address, so I can just click on it and go immediately to the information you used. Cite your sources in the paper when and where appropriate. [Well-researched papers, more extensive.


And one more of whatever site you prefer

Please use APA format! I will tip!

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Paper on water irrigation.

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