Personality Test And Analysis

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Personality Test And Analysis

Personality Test And Analysis

2 pages. Please check carefully and follow the instructions.

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For this written assignment, you will explore your own personality by taking two *free* internet personality tests.

Overview of the Jung Typology Test

The first personality test is called the Jung Typology Test.  This test measures four trait domains:

1. How we interact with our world (the continuum with introversion on one side and extroversion on the other).

2. How we process information (the continuum with sensing on one end and intuitive on the other).  Sensors are data driven and those that “intuit” tend to see the “big picture.”

3. How we make decisions (the continuum of thinking on one side and feeling on the other).


4. How we plan our day (the continuum of judging on one side and perceiving on the other).  Judging in this context means planned and structured, and perceiving in this context means free-flowing and flexible.

Step 1:   Take the Jung Typology Test at the following link: com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm”>

Write a thoughtful one or two paragraph essay that addresses the following:

· Briefly summarize your personality test results.  Do not copy/paste the results from the personality test; instead, summarize your results in your own words.

· Explain the ways in which you agree or disagree with the results.  Next, think of someone that knows you well.  Explain the ways in which he or she would agree or disagree with your results.

Overview of the Five-Factor Module of Personality, also called the “Big Five”

First, watch the following Ted Talk:

In the corporate world, research is done to pinpoint certain trait profiles that will result in a successful employee. Companies often give inventories when hiring, like a personality analysis based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality, commonly known as “Big-Five, which measures five core trait domains.

1. Openness to experience/intellect: Are you eager to try new experiences and ideas, or are you more comfortable having experiences stay the same most of the time?

2. Conscientiousness: How organized of a person are you? Are you a reliable person, or are you generally careless with your actions?

3. Extraversion: Are you a social person who feels “recharged” when interacting with other people, or are you a quiet, more reserved person who prefers solitude?

4. Agreeableness: Would you say you are a compassionate, forgiving, and understanding person, or do you tend to be more critical and blunt to people?

5. Neuroticism: Are you someone who is nervous, anxious, and worries about the future, or are you calm and hard to fluster?

Step 2:  Take the “Big Five” at the following link:

Write a thoughtful one or two paragraph essay that addresses the following:

· Summarize your results from the “Big Five.”  Do not copy/paste the results from the personality test; instead, summarize your results in your own words.

· From the perspective of an employer, explain what they may conclude, based on your results, regarding whether or not you would be a successful employee.

· Based on your results, identify one area you might like to improve.  Explain what strategies you might use to implement the improvement?

Step 3:  Review the grading rubric (webpage, opens in new tab), which explains the expectations for your writing assignment.

Step 4:  Put your essay from the Jung Typology Test and your essay from the “Big Five” inventory into one Word document.  If you do not use Word, please save your document as a PDF or RTF file

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Personality Test And Analysis

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