policing, law and the courts, and corrections

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This is what you may consider your final exam. This is intended to be less stressful for you, but make sure you follow the instructions and answer all of the prompt.

It is worth up to 100 points.

Tell me what you learned this semester; tell me what you learned about policing, law and the courts, and corrections from history to today and how it might change in the future. Talk about how the due process and crime control models have impacted changes. Tell me how what you learned would apply to a possible future career (even if you don’t go into CJ!).

Tell me what you thought about the course, from the book to the videos to the topics to the assignments. Be honest; I’m not judging based on what you say. Constructive feedback is always helpful. Tell me how things changed (or didn’t) for you with returning to campus (now that we’re fully repopulated). Which do you prefer, online or live classes? Why? Tell me about your experience in the CJS department, if you want. Use this as a place to reflect on all of the good work you’ve done!

This should be at least 3 FULL pages, not including any header or question information. The discussion about what you learned in class and how it would apply should be at least 2 FULL pages of that.

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policing, law and the courts, and corrections

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